Sunday, July 9, 2017

VIDEO and AUDIO - My Story of Love, on Pilgrim Story Hour webcast

Many people know that I am married to the pilgrim who walked from Rome to Jerusalem with me, Alberto Agraso.

But few people know the full story of how we met, and the divinely orchestrated events that conspired to bring us together.

Enjoy our story of love, and buen camino!

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

VIDEO and AUDIO - The Hidden Camino, episode on Pilgrim Story Hour

During my first pilgrimage in Spain, I met pilgrims who spoke about a "hidden camino", and who were playing an esoteric game called "el juego de la oca" (the game of the goose).

I thought it strange, since this is a child's board game similar to snakes and ladders, and dismissed it.

Years later, I would learn it to be a metaphor for the camino, where the images and symbols point to an inner journey that the pilgrim is walking at the same time as they are walking an outer journey.

In this episode, I share with you the meaning of some of the images and symbols.

You can also listen to the audio podcast on iTunes.

Buen camino, and please feel free to Like and Share!

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Instagram -- Daily Pics and Stories of Rome-to-Jerusalem Pilgrimage

Our 5000-km walk for peace fascinates people. The most popular questions we are asked relate to our route: where we walked, how many kilometres a day, where we slept, what we ate, who we met.

In this photo series on Instagram (, I share with you those details, day by day.

There were many days where we didn’t take photos. The camera still needed film, so every shot was precious!

Where is there is no photo, I will use stock images or an illustration by Alberto.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey!
~Mony and Alberto

True Nature of the Material World is Spiritual

There are moments when an idea comes with such clarity that you are left in awe of its power and simplicity.

This morning was one such moment.

Alberto and I had been reflecting on the kinds of experiences (work and life) that we wish to have in our lives; and each, in their own way, began working on bringing them forth. As I wrote in my diary about the feelings these experiences evoked – and actually feeling them – I thought to myself:

“This is great, but I get these same feelings when I am connected to Spirit, when I am anchored in that place of all-possibility.”

Then the following words flowed through me, uninterrupted:

“…That’s because your material world is spiritual in nature.

It is not “material”. That does not exist.

Every object, every dollar bill, every house, every car, every thing desired, is spiritual. Its very essence is Spirit.

When you align with the Spirit in ALL things and understand them to be Spirit in essence, then the great puzzle makes sense.

Spirit can only call more of itself unto itself.

The Spirit that YOU ARE calls forth, recognizes, acknowledges, blesses, celebrates, bows in gratitude to…the Spirit in the object desired.

You want a bigger house filled with modern furnishings and luxuries that make you feel energized at the mere thought of them? See them not as material objects, but as Spirit. They are God. They are immaterial.

Just as you are.

See them all as your spiritual birthright.

See them as the Spirit-objects that your Spirit-self wishes to have-hold-experience.

Feel that Spirit in them.

Appreciate it in them.

And as you do, they come to you – willingly, freely, lovingly offering themselves to you, wishing only to align themselves with the beautiful Spirit that has called them.

For that is what Love does, in every instant.

And so it is."
I can’t tell you how much these words impacted me, and how their energies have stayed with me.

I hope they serve you in your journey <3

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

VIDEO and AUDIO - Pilgrim Story Hour, Journeys of Initiation

On this episode, I speak about the three great journeys of initiation, those journeys towards self-knowing that invite us to unite body, mind, heart and spirit to become whole human beings in the service of the highest good for all.

I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share it.
Buen camino!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

"State of Union" - a channeling

I recently watched a documentary about Israel-Palestine that got me thinking about the inner state of that Promised Land.

Is that land still divided within? What will create peace and harmony within? 

The state of union moves ever closer and, as it does, unleashes the fury of the resistance, long-entrenched, believing it is its right to be there at all costs.

Resistance comes from deep fear, for in the moment these elements (meaning, the fears) stop resisting, there is the possibility that they might stop existing. That (resistance) is what currently defines their (meaning the fears, the anger) existence.

In your own heart must there be a place for the resistors, for their existence is at stake. 

The Love in the heart, the strength of the Light, must be strong enough to assuage the resistors. 

They held sway over the entire heart at one time and are reluctant to let that territory go. 

They are uncomfortable in the Light because they don’t know what it’s going to do to them.

Rather than obliterate them into non-existence, resistors must be made to see their role in the Light, and AS the Light.

Filled with that Light, an energy of entitlement shifts to one of co-existence. 

The energy hasn’t disappeared. It has merely been allowed to see the other end of its energetic spectrum, to see the positive of itself, of that quality that it carries.

Fear of disappearance, fear of no longer existing, fear of a dream dying…those are the energies that also need to be transmuted to the other end of their spectrum. 

Fear of a dream dying may become the beauty and excitement of a new dream envisioned today, not driven by ideas of the past but by possibilities of the future.

Look within for a moment and stop thinking about the Israelis and Palestinians. What is occurring at the moment on a macro scale has some root and meaning in a micro scale with you. 

Ask yourself: what are you defending without second thought? What benefit is there to remaining divided?

...Control is certainly easier. With it, there is perhaps guaranteed outcomes. There’s no need to grow or expand. You’re entrenched in what you know, thinking it’s enough. Rigidity sets in. Inflexibility. You justify the occupation of the heart in so many ways.

But then love arises.

What swings to one extreme naturally swings to another until harmony is found. 

Love and harmony must fill the land. 

They must be strong enough to withstand the acid attacks of the deepest fears manifesting as righteousness.

That work only you can do. 

Strengthening the land, inundating the terrain with Light and entrenching it there, IS YOUR work.

And then, on its own, fear will come into its harmony. 

It cannot withstand the magnetic pull of the energy of Love radiating itself in the heart. 

Fear will find its Light despite itself. It will see its Divinity.

And you will know peace.


Friday, April 14, 2017

VIDEO and AUDIO - Pilgrim Story Hour, Death and Birth

I have long been fascinated by teachings related to the sun.

When I learned that ancient pilgrims also walked a path more ancient and sacred than the current Camino, following the Milky Way or path of the stars, I couldn't help but reflect that pilgrimage was an opportunity to follow the path of the sun, so that our own light may shine more brightly.

I hope you enjoy this short reflection.

Keep shining!

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