Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AUDIO and VIDEO Pilgrim Story Hour w/ Mony Dojeiji - Synchronicities

“Synchronicities”: often dismissed as random coincidences, these messengers of the Universe can help guide and support us in our journeys, if we but open our hearts and minds to them.

On this episode, I share the story of one of the many synchronicities that have guided me during my pilgrimages.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

AUDIO and VIDEO Pilgrim Story Hour - The Sacred

Pilgrims throughout the ages and across all traditions have embarked on the quest to touch the sacred, that undefinable something that has power and meaning beyond what is simply physical.

On this episode, I share the short story of how I first touched the sacred, and what I learned from it.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

The American Elections: my spiritual practice

We all talk about being peace in the world, and it’s easy to do when we are surrounded by peace.

But as the American elections are demonstrating, putting that peace into practice is no easy matter.

I long ago determined that my spirituality would be an active, in-the-world part of who I am. And with each situation such as the one facing our American friends, I ask myself: how can I contribute to the highest, most loving outcome?

I’ll state outright that I have no idea what it is. It could be either, or neither, candidate.

But I do want it to be the outcome that brings healing, reconciliation and love to this great nation.

So, in the moments when I feel filled with light and confidence myself, I begin to do the work to heal my ideas and stories of them. I look at Donald, at Hillary, and say:

Donald, you are my brother on this journey together called life.

Hillary, you are my sister on this journey together called life.

And although I may not agree with what you say or what you believe, I love you. 

I see you, to the heart of you, and know you to be my brother, my sister, fellow pilgrims on this path, doing the best that you can from the place where you are.

And I know that you are capable of great love and compassion for those whose beliefs and ideas differ from your own… because I have done it.

I know that you are capable of changing your beliefs (and in consequence, your actions) in an instant…because I have done it.

I know that you are capable of elevating your discourse without raising your voice…because I have done it.

And if I have done it, then I know you are capable of doing it as well.

I know that the seed of divinity, of light, that exists within me – and every single living creature on this earth – also exists within you. 

Past all the words, the appearances, the emotions… I now see that light, and only that light, within you.

That light is wisdom. That light is truth. That light is love. That light is beauty. That light is grace. It is who you are. It is who I am.

With great respect, I bow to this light within. I honor this light.

Now glimpsed, this light can’t help but grow. 

You may not be able to see it, but I do. 

And until you can touch that light for yourself, I choose to do it for you, my brother, my sister, on the path, and hold in my mind that image of you as a light-being.

That light now grows, unstoppable. Because love’s true nature is to expand. 

It expands, and continues expanding, until it fills every atom of your being. 

Radiant light fills every cell of your body, beautifying it.

Radiant light fills every thought, elevating it.

Radiant light fills every emotion, calming it.

Radiant light fills your every word, spiritualizing it.

That is the truth of who you are. Who I am. Who we all are.

And it is unshakeable.

This same light now awakens in the very being of every individual of this great country, and is entrenched, unmoveable.

Light floods every space of every heart, of every thought, of every emotion, of every person in this country.

I hold space for this light, and only this light, to be at work.

I see the great United States of America indeed united…in light, in love, in harmony, in spirit.

I once again hold space for this to naturally occur…in my mind, in my heart, in my experience.

In this space, all that is needed to bring about this united, wise, loving, powerful country emerges in ways I can’t possibly envision…because a greater power than me is also at work, a power that I have invoked and that is grander and more loving than anything I can imagine. 

In this power, possibilities and solutions arise that I alone could never have imagined. In this power, conditions arise that bring the unity, harmony and love that we choose to live in.  

I bless this unity. I bless this harmony. I bless this reconciliation. I bless this love.

I bless this great United States, its people and its brilliant light, shining forth the highest love, the highest truth.

And so it is.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

AUDIO and VIDEO Pilgrim Story Hour - Walking Alone

Walking alone is possibly one of the greatest fears pilgrims have on their journeys.

But choosing to walk alone, even if it’s only for a short while, can offer opportunities for personal growth that walking with others simply can’t.

In this episode, I speak about separating from Alberto during our Rome-to-Jerusalem pilgrimage, and the deep lessons we each learned.

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How my Deepest Fear was Guarding my Greatest Treasure

Oh, what memories this photo brings.

It was Comdex, 1994 I think, and Bill Gates was in Toronto to deliver the keynote address. Five speakers were asked to present with him, and I was one of them…the only woman.

I had been at Microsoft Canada for a year, having made a leap of faith from a well-paying consulting career at Arthur Andersen to this barely-known company, back then. I had even taken a pay cut, wanting to join them because I was a fan of their Office product on the Mac, and jumped at the opportunity to be part of a company whose product I loved.

They offered me one of two jobs: channel sales or seminar presenter. I didn’t even know what channel sales meant, but when I heard that I could share my enthusiasm for, and knowledge of MS Office, I inwardly leapt for joy…and panicked. Taking the job would mean having to face my deepest fear: public speaking.

I had managed to avoid it during my MBA years, letting others speak while I did any other work required. It hid a deeper fear about expression in general, and not wanting to say anything that would be mocked or rejected, fearing both in equal measure.

When I accepted the role of seminar presenter, I finally made the choice to speak.

My first few seminars were rough, by my standards, but I got through them, memorizing every presentation, some of them three hours long.

In that year of speaking, I discovered that my deepest fear was guarding my greatest treasure, one that culminated in that moment on stage with Bill Gates.

It’s a reminder to me, today, to continue looking at those fears, big and small, and with great love and determination, walk through them to the other side.

Blessings <3

Thursday, October 6, 2016

AUDIO and VIDEO - Pilgrim Story Hour, Myth of Perfect Pilgrim

“Myth of the Perfect Pilgrim” is the topic of this week’s episode of the Pilgrim Story.

We've all heard the legends of this mythical creature called the "perfect pilgrim". You know, the one who ALWAYS walks, ALWAYS carries their backpack and ALWAYS stays in the refugios.

In this episode, I share my experiences as a "perfect pilgrim" and how I made peace with her. It was taped on the walking trails near Ottawa, Canada.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

AUDIO and VIDEO Pilgrim Story Hour - Disappointments

As pilgrims, we spend a great deal of time reading about the experiences of others who have walked before, and without realizing it, end up carrying those ideas as expectations for how our pilgrimage should be.

Sometimes, those expectations can lead to disappointment, especially when things don’t turn out quite as we had anticipated.

On this episode, I share a story about one such experience.

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Buen camino!

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